School of Art and Design is one of nine school at University of Tsukuba. Students can take courses of interest from a wide range of disciplines other than art and design to broaden their education.


There are 14 specialized areas in School of Art and Design. Students can acquire unique expertise by studying not only their own areas of interest but also adjacent areas. Knowing the contents of many areas after enrollment can create new interests and a solid orientation.


In this school, there are about 50 teachers for every 100 students in each grade. There is a class system from the first year to the fourth year, and there is a teacher in charge. We also practice small, detailed education. We will respect individuality and cultivate creativity supported by each rich imagination.


In order to build rich human relationships in society, communication skills and presentation skills that accurately convey one’s thoughts to others are required. The creation of art and design is communication through sensitivity. The education of School of Art and Design develops sensitive communication skills and presentation skills that combine a broad perspective and liberal arts.



TANAKA Sayoko, Dean

School of Art and Design

University of Tsukuba