The objective of “Sculpture” is specialist training through theoretical studies, practice, and seminars about “ Sculpture” which is a fundamental and important area of the fine arts. The content of the class is divided into two areas, carving and modeling. The faculty instructors who are specialists in each area will provide you with very valuable classes in terms of fundamental and professional studies. The“ Modeling Practice Course” will offer you gradual experiences of human figure modeling of the head, bust and the whole body using clay, plaster, plastics (F.R.P.), dry-lacquer, bronze, casting, terra-cotta, etc. The“ Carving Practice Course” has both wood-carving and stone-carving courses. Both courses provide a two to three year program going from fundamental to professional studies. The“ Sculpture” is designed to obtain a general understanding of both theory and practical skills. The master’s and doctoral program courses provide more advanced studies for those who have graduated university.


Hisaaki Ohara

Professor / Wood Carving

Shinji Miyasaka

Assistant Professor / Modeling

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