Architectural Design

Man, through different eras and in different lands, has been engaged in a quest to create a suitable space to house his different lifestyles. In creating such spaces, he has been able to develop various stages for the different dramas of life.

Fundamentally, architecture is what the above-mentioned statement is all about. Although in earlier periods man has, by himself alone, been the creator of such spaces, in due time, specialists working in that endeavor have emerged. Recently, Architectural Planning and Design has likewise emerged as a professional discipline of these specialists or professionals.

When an architectural planner-designer starts to plan a structure for human use, he has to continually ask himself for what purpose and in what manner a given place is best put to use. In doing so, he must always ask the questions where, when, who, what, why, and how, in order to set the criteria for the ultimate and final concept for the space that will house the perceived activities. He must consider these criteria carefully, for when they fail, the result may be irreversibly detrimental for the users of the structure, and for all of us who are, after all, a part of the whole environment. In this way the work involved in Architectural Planning and Design carries a heavy social responsibility.

This University’s Architectural Design Program offers not only basic knowledge and technical training to those who, in the future will be primarily concerned with Architectural Planning and Design. Most specially, it also aims to cultivate in these future professionals a deep concern for the above-mentioned considerations.

This program is therefore in search of students who possess sharp sensitivities, wide perspectives, a sense of flexibility, a capacity to think deeply, and above all, deep concern for human beings.


Toshihiro Hanazato

Professor / Architectural Planning

Kyota Yamada

Associate Professor /Architectural history, Area studies

Osamu Kato

Assistant Professor / Architecture and Building Construction

Yasutaka Tsuji

Assistant Professor / Architectural history, Art history

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