Western-style Painting

The art of painting is one of the most original and pure forms of art. Historically it dates back to the dawn of human life on earth, as may be seen by the wall paintings in the caves of Lascaux and Altamira. Any painter at any time was and will always be heir to these beginnings of the art of painting. Out of respect for these origins we wish students to follow guide lines which will lead them to genuine creativity. These guidelines will be reflected throughout the teachings of this course.
The curriculum of the painting course includes the following subjects: Lectures on the basic theory of technique and concepts of western style painting; Drawing lessons; Basic practice in classical techniques; Seminars on the materials used in the above mentioned techniques; Workshop: Oil painting I, II – this will be the main practical training where students draw or paint nudes, still-lives, landscapes and other subjects. Finally there is a graduation thesis.


Sadatoshi Naitou


Terumi Hotokeyama


Syoshiro Fukumitsu

Associate Professor

Mika Hoshi

Assistant Professor

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