Program in Fine Art

The course in Fine Art aims to educate professional artists with knowledge and skill, aesthetic sensibility and creativity. At the undergraduate level in the School of Art and Design, the Major in Fine Art consists of courses in Western Style Painting, Nihonga, Carving and Modeling, Sho-Calligraphy and Printmaking. We provide a wide range of subjects from basic to expert lev els in lectures, seminars and practical classes.We offer programs in which students can acquire a broad perspective, wisdom, and both fundamental and specialized knowledge and skills that relate to art and design and the fine arts. Through the program, students develop their capacity for critical inquiry and their ability to create, forming the basis for their creative endeavors.
In each course, the artwork of the students, which represents their educational achievements, is displayed in exhibitions inside and outside the university. Such exhibits make it possible for the students to gain external recognition.

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