Information/ Product Design

The human is a species which uses language as well as tools. In the Product Design course, students will study the relationship between artifacts, such as tools, machines and equipment, and humans, through theory and practice from scientific and artistic methods.
From space stations to paper clips, cars and other transportation, home appliances, industrial tools, information processing machines, furniture, leisure equipment, architectural-utility machines, all of these tools, equipment and machines surrounding man are the objects of Product Design. However, what is originally referred to as Product Design is more commonly known as Industrial Design, the field or discipline wherein fundamental theories concerning the interaction between man and manmade products are studied and employed as a science, and wherein important professional techniques, practices and exercises are promoted as the guiding principles for Product Designers. This university’s program for Product Design is responsive to the challenge of questioning the sensitivity and intelligent interaction between man and machine, and the fitness or suitability, in terms of practice, of what to design, as well as how to design industrial products. The following courses are instituted in the Product Design program: Information System Design, Design Innovation- the study of cultural interaction between man and manmade products, Ergonomics- the study of the fitness of a machine in terms of ease and facility of use for man; Mechanism of Kansei Information- the study wherein the question of what to design is established as a science; Design Analysis Theory- the study that analyses the evolution, formation and metamorphoses of forms of products. Besides looking concretely into the design of products, the program also includes a course in Design Methodology as well as exercises in Product-Concept Design, Form Creation and Systems Planning and Design.
The Product Design program further maximizes the development of the student’s creativity through the comprehensive inclusion of interdisciplinary courses from other departments in the University. Among these courses are: Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Information Sciences.


Hiroya Igarashi

Professor / Kansei Information Mechanics

Toshimasa Yamanaka

Professor / Kansei Information Science, Product Design Analysis

Shinichi Koyama

Professor / Experimental psychology, Basic / Social brain science, Design science

Seung Hee Lee

Associate Professor / Media And Information Design, Kansei Design , Kansei Interaction

Toshiaki Uchiyama

Associate Professor / Kansei Information Design, Interaction Design

Hiroyuki Yamada

Associate Professor / Design Innovation, Application Design

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