“Crafts” has been founded since 2003 as a new field in Communication Art and Design. And it’s divided into three areas: wood craft, glass craft and ceramic craft. Each of this area aims to pursue expert knowledge, abilities of creation, technical skill and understanding of tradition on making goods through the main specialized subjects in the educational course, such as Practice, Lecture, Seminar, Work shop. Since prehistory, human beings have created the tools of living and used them in everyday life. Craft based on a long history and tradition, has established as an original field.

Young men have become aware of the fact that making goods by hand is important and they try to revive local industries, while mass production makes our life style uniformity and our sensibilities degenerated. This condition shows that“ to what, for what, how to make” as a starting point for making things, is important to the synthetic activity of human creation. Thus we need the education which aims not to make a mere thing(monotsukuri), but to create a thing(katachi-tsukuri).

While making goods, for example furniture, dinner sets, light fixtures, solid compositions and so on, students can learn each of the technical skill and expert knowledge of craft. How to apply traditional skill into modern life space? How to apply new materials? We established a Master’s Program in Art and Design in the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences.


Toshiju Saito

Associate Professor / Ceramic Art Works

Katsuto Miyahara

Associate Professor / Wood Works

Yeonkyung Jeong

Assistant Professor / Glass Art and Design

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