Japanese-style Painting

As for the Japanese picture the individual material, traditional technology, it is one field of the fine arts which is based on expression method, but because presently which, not to be restricted, as an expression method and it is developmental developing of richer art.
The curriculum of this Nihonga course includes the following subjects: Drawing lessons; Basic practice in techniques; Field works; Study of classic; Survey of Nihonga techniques and basic.
You acquire the fundamental knowledge and technology because you become the specialist, furthermore you develop the self expression power which is based on rich sensitivity and high creativity, you can contribute in diversified areas in the future in society and you do the education which designates rearing the specialist who can as purpose. The Nihonga course also offers a doctoral programs.


Kei Ohta


Toshiaki Hododuka

Associate Professor

Hiroyuki Yamamoto

Associate Professor

Tomomi Suwa

Assistant Professor

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