Our Sho-Calligraphy Course may be the only one in any of the artistically oriented universities and faculties across the nation which provides professional education in Sho- Calligraphy. The aim of the course is to cultivate a human resource of independent calligraphers and researchers of this discipline. The curriculum is divideded into classroom subjects, designed to impart extensive knowledge of Sho- Calligraphy, and practical training to enhance students’ practical ability. Examples of the classroom subjects are “Introduction to Sho-Calligraphy”,“ History of the Japanese art of calligraphy”,“ History of the Chinese art of calligraphy”, “Theory of the appreciation of Sho-Calligraphy”, and “Methodology of Sho-Calligraphy studies”. Examples of practical training subjects are“ Basic practical training in Sho-Calligraphy”,“ Penmanship in Kanji(Chinese characters) in Sho-Calligraphy”, and“ Penmanship in Kana(Japanese phonetic characters) in Sho-Calligraphy”. It is indispensable for practical training that students acquire a theoretical knowledge of the art of Sho-Calligraphy: a distinctive characteristic of this discipline is that the penmanship of successive superb Sho-Calligraphers sets a good example to trainees all the way along the line. In the same way, a keen appreciation that has been cultivated through practical training is useful for the development of theoretical study. Because the synergistic effect of theory and practice is very important, both penmanship and theory are requirements for graduation from this course. In the field of fine arts, this feature is unique to the Sho-Calligraphy course. In addition, students can take advantage of the fact that the cluster of colleges where the course is taught belongs to our university; students can therefore attend other open lectures associated with the course.


Nobuo Nakamura

Professor / Sho (Kanji Sho Ho), History of Chinese Calligraphy

Takashi Morioka

Professor / Sho (Kana Sho Ho), History of Japanese Calligraphy

Chiaki Kanno

Professor / Sho (Kanji Sho Ho), History of Japanese Calligraphy

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