Art History

This program covers the field of studies on fine arts in historical contexts and prepares students for professional competency as scholars of the fine arts through systematic instruction and research on problems ranging from the basic, such as “what is art?” to questions on the nature of the plastic arts in broader contexts from a historical viewpoint.
The principal character of the program in the School of Art and Design lies in that it is a theoretical discipline in intimate connection with other artistic practices. Thus the theory course of art in the university is combined with studio courses so students study art theory from concrete experience. Further, as the school belongs to a university, students may study art systematically in conjunction with the humanities.
The program, as given below, functions as a base for Doctoral Programs in the Art History, which prepares graduates to be professional researchers. Applicants are expected first of all to take a great interest and have a deep understanding of the fine arts, and also to possess the prerequisite fund of knowledge (Japanese language, foreign languages and history).
Students in the first two years, as in other programs, are offered basic information and instruction through an introduction, seminars, and practice concerned with fine arts in general. At the same time, the program, which is designed for gradual education, provides students with classes from programs such as ‘Introduction to the Art History’. From the third year on they are exposed to advanced information and procedures through seminars and lectures on art theory, the history of Japanese and Western art, and field research in museums and historical places. To complete the program, a thesis is required, whose topic is chosen independently by a student (who may not submit a graduate work to exhibit).

Lectures and Seminars

History of European Art / History of Japanese Art / Seminar for Art History / Advanced Lecture on Art History / Advanced Lecture on Art Theory / Excursion


Toshihiro Osada

Professor / History of Western Art

Rintaro Terakado

Associate Professor / History of Western Art

Michiko Hayashi

Associate Professor / Fine art history, Cultural assets study and museology

Yuji Mizuno

Assistant Professor / History of Japanese Art

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