Visual Communication Design

“Visual Communication Design” is a field of design which aims to communicate meaning effectively by means of visual form. It is closely related to “Graphic Design,” or“ Information design.” The main lectures and practical exercises are as follows: the Theory of Visual Design, the History of Visual Design, Illustration, Typography, Printing Design, Advertisement Design, Package Design, Photography, Editorial Design, Signage and Information Design, Book Design, and Picturebook Design.

We have two basic intentions in our education: Firstly, to organize both the Theory and the Practice in design work. Secondly we undertake the study of problems which can generally arise in various professional fields.

For this reason we recommend the study of other fields in addition to Visual Design. For example, students can study Form and Color, and Computer Graphics in the“ Constructive Art” course, or Three Dimensional Composition and Various Contemporary Arts, in the“ Plastic Arts and Mixed Media” course, or New Media in the“ Information Design” course. Students can also take lectures of other departments in our university. Thus we hope to produce graduates with flexible and wide-ranging ideas, along with efficient techniques of communication.


Sayoko Tanaka

Associate Professor / Graphic Design, Visual Information Design, Science Visualization

Tadanobu Hara

Associate Professor / Brand Building, Package Design

Miki Yamamoto

Assistant Professor / Visual Design, Manga and Picturebooks

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