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School of Art and Design of the University of Tsukuba offers an undergraduate program of art and design in four fields and 15 study areas for the enrollment of 100 students, taking advantage of academic environment facing the frontier of science. It aims to educate professionals of artists, designers or researchers with wider knowledge and creativity.

Establishment of the department of handicraft in the National Higher Normal School( later Tokyo Higher Normal School). It supported development of arts education in Japan through the training of junior and senior high school teachers and instructors of normal schools nationwide.

Establishment of the department of art and design in the Faculty of Education, Tokyo University of Education. With the postwar education system reforms, the Tokyo Higher Normal School and Tokyo Arts and Sciences University (Tokyo Bunrika Daigaku) were reorganized and inaugurated.

Establishment of the School of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba. The relocation of the Tokyo University of Education and the opening of the University of Tsukuba gave rise to the formation of the School of Art and Design. Since then, the school has endeavored to develop an educational environment that responds to changing conditions in the world. For example, new disciplines—including Nihonga, printmaking, art environment support, craft, and information design—have been established.

Freshman and Sophomore

Study of basic knowledge and skills as preparation for the decision of major field.

[Examples of subjects to attend]

  • Common subjects of the University including integrated study, foreign language, IT, sports, freshman seminar, etc.
  • Subjects of personal interest in other colleges of the university
  • Common subjects of the School of Design including introduction for aesthetics, art history, theory on plastic art, basic seminar on art practice, etc.


Study in the specialized program. See also the pages of each program for the examples of specialized subjects.


Graduation study. Graduation show in every February in the Tsukuba Art Gallery. Awarding of the Art and Design Prize for the excellent graduation study.


Bachelor of Art and Design



・Teacher’s License (art in lower secondary school, art, craft, calligraphy in highter secondary school)

・Qualification for curator

Central building of Physical and Art Education
One of the oldest architectures in the university with a unique appearance like a gate. Main building for most of the classes in the school of art and design. A plaster cast of David by Michelangelo is situated here.

Building of the School of Art and Design
Facilities for junior and senior students and graduate students. Students’ art gallery is situated here.

Institute of Art and Design
Study rooms for the faculty staff and graduate students. University art collection.

Photography studio, Workshops for printmaking, carving and modeling, glass, ceramics, and wood.

Art and Physical Education Library
Specialist library for the study of art and physical education. It offers excellent resource for study with art books, journals, and database.

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