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The School of Art and Design is an educational institution specializing in art and design at the University of Tsukuba. The School develops creative experts in art and design with broad perspectives by leveraging an outstanding university environment that provides state-of-the-art multidisciplinary education and smaller, more personalized class sizes (up to 100 students per year of study) in 14 areas of specialization. Our graduates include influential artists, designers, and researchers that are actively contributing to society.

Students develop their own curriculum by choosing courses required for graduation based on their own interests and goals.

First- and second-year students

Students hone a wide range of basic skills, while determining their interests and aptitude for the field of study that they wish to specialize in.

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  • General Foundation Subjects

Common Foundation Subjects: Multidisciplinary Subjects, Foreign Language, Information Literacy, Physical Education, Freshman Seminar.

Specific Foundation Subjects: Subjects Related to Teaching, Subject related to the Museum.

  • Foundation Subjects for Major

Art Career Education, Introduction to Art and Design, Arts and Culture, Arts and Society, Art History Overview, Design History Overview

Third-year students

Students refine their specialized skill set according to their chosen specialty. Please see the home page of each field of study for descriptions of specialty courses (Major Subjects).

Fourth-year students

Students complete their graduation research projects according to their chosen research theme. The TSUKUBA Museum of Art IBARAKI hosts a graduate exhibition every year in February. An exceptional graduation research projects is awarded the Grand Prize for outstanding Achievement in the Undergraduate School of Art & Design.


Once all graduation requirements are fulfilled, a Bachelor of Art and Design is conferred.

Graduate Paths

Graduates of the undergraduate program express themselves in many ways. Some continue to graduate school, while others work in industry or as independent artisans, designers, and painters in a variety of fields.

In the past three years, our graduates have continued to the following graduate schools and key industry positions:

Central building of Physical and Art Education
One of the oldest architectures in the university with a unique appearance like a gate. Main building for most of the classes in the school of art and design. A plaster cast of David by Michelangelo is situated here.

Building of the School of Art and Design
Facilities for junior and senior students and graduate students. Students’ art gallery is situated here.

Institute of Art and Design
Study rooms for the faculty staff and graduate students. University art collection.

Photography studio, Workshops for printmaking, carving and modeling, glass, ceramics, and wood.

Art and Physical Education Library
Specialist library for the study of art and physical education. It offers excellent resource for study with art books, journals, and database.

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