Program in Theory of Art

The Program in Theory of Art provides opportunities to
study theoretical inquiry on art through systematic, historical and practical approaches. The program is divided into two sections; History of Art, which is an academic area for the study and Art Environment Support, which is a newly established area for social application of art based on museology and pedagogy.
Students can take advantage of significant art collection
of the University, including world famous paintings of Fujita, Ikeda, Ernst, Aio, etc., precious oriental ceramics and works by alumni of the university. New programs on writing about art including establishment of Art Writer Award for High School Students also opens up students ’ eyes to the social commitment through art.
After the graduation, Master’s and Doctoral Programs of Art and Design in the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences offers various fields of study for academic research on art. Careers include teaching in universities and schools, curators, cultural staff in companies and organizations, etc.

Shining Alumni


Hiroko Inazuka

The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama

I have been mainly in charge of the collection of chairs of the 20th century since I got the job in the museum. I also do various kinds of work such as organization of temporary exhibitions, keeping the collection, etc. While located in the Hokuriku region, our museum often receives a request of loan from abroad. I feel love and responsibility for this specific place to convey the charm of art works to children in the region and even to the professionals in the world.I belonged to the course of theory and history of art at the School of Art and Design but it was so interesting as a university student to have contact not only with professors and students of other courses in the school but also those of other college clusters if you would. Now I often think I could do more those years. Human relations at the School of Art and Design in homey atmosphere turn out to be now a great fortune for me.

Akiko Sadamatsu

The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma

The environment of the University is calm and open with lots of green. I loved it. I still wished there was Art and Physical Education Library around me which is open to the neighbors. Now as a museum curator I am obliged to be involved with artists and works which are outside of my field, but this makes my view much more broader and consequently interesting themes on artists and works grow as much. It is no doubt that curators have enough time to spare for study because they must do every kind of things while I find it quite fascinating to do various things.

Kyoko Masubuchi

Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art

I am in charge of Nihonga painting and now working on organization of a retrospective of Uemura Shoen . I studied mainly history of Japanese art in the University; then my classmates were not many but very friendly with each other. I had good advices from various professors to avoid biased views of professionals. Especially of research trips, I have good memories such as breathlessly climbing up the Mt. Koyasan, making a short representation before a Greco at the Ohara Museum of Art, visiting a studio of artists, etc. Now those friends live in various regions respectively and work for museums, forming a strong network. It is pretty nice to ask them frankly with a bit of selfishness; “Hi, is it ok to make a loan of this work for our exhibition?”

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