Art and Design Science

The Constructive Art program offers participants specialized training, both practical and theoretical, which applies to all the plastic arts.
Due to the specialization of studies, each field of design is treated as an independent genre, just as painting and sculpture are. Modern society necessitates extensive basic study common to both art and design.
Shape and color are fundamental for the plastic arts. They should be pursued in evergreater depth with increasing specialization. Therefore, the Constructive Art course approaches composition from 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional perspectives, using computers and other technology. This is undeniably useful for specialized employment after graduation. In the same way, indepth study on color, texture, composition, conception, refinement of artistic sense, and exploration of the formative possibilities of different instruments and media is essential.
Just like the importance of mathematics and physics in different branches of engineering, the importance of constructive art is certain to grow.
Graduates go on to work not only in design, printing, editing and crafts but also to become independent artists. Many graduates of postgraduate studies have become teachers at schools, colleges and universities.


Sari Yamamoto

Professor / Constructive Art (Color)

Yuta Kamiura

Assistant Professor / Constructive Art (Two-Dimension), Constructive Art (Three-Dimension)

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