Yamamoto Sari

We use the power of color to change the environment for the better

Yamamoto Sari

Faculty of Art and Design|Professor

We develop methods to change the environment for the better. We focus on color primarily but think broadly. We have been involved in collaborative research with companies, local municipalities, and designers. Our goal is to apply methods to surveys, experiments, analyses, assessments, and ultimately design. Design control by color is cost-effective. It revitalizes communities and makes the environment easier to understand and more organized. Our recent research projects are as follows:

Adopted designs: Color design and graphics for buildings, cars, uniforms, public signs, etc.

Publications: Public environmental design in a shared space for the future of autonomous vehicles, the color-control method under the Landscape Act, the method of regulating outdoor advertising, etc.

Main Research Topics

Building a design system for shared space in Japan

Environmental color design methods that can contribute to community revitalization

Research on regulatory guidelines for townscape coloring while giving consideration to townscape conservation

Research on the coexistence of guidance and advertising information

Research on public sign systems

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