Hiramitsu Atsuo

Provision of comfortable living environment in building from the viewpoint of sound environment performance

Hiramitsu Atsuo

National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management|Associate Professor

The sound environment performance is often objection or trouble in building. Obviously, these need to be addressed. The Japanese Government’s promotion of wood as a building material has given rise to new construction methods such as CLT panel construction. This has created a new challenge because timber construction buildings tend to have poor sound insulation performance. Another challenge is a review of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) aimed at ensuring compatibility with ISO standards in the methods of measurement and evaluation of the sound insulation performance. We consider indoor noise to be an everyday issue among residents or users of buildings. We study these problems to find solutions and conduct research to clarify the mechanisms of physical phenomena such as sound and vibration. To achieve research objectives that contribute to society, we collaborate with researchers in other fields beyond the field of architectural acoustics environment. Our ultimate goal is to provide acoustic comfort in living environmentsbased on a building’s sound environment performance.

Main Research Topics

Research on measurement and evaluation method of floor impact sound insulation in building

Research on measurement and evaluation method of airborne sound insulation of building wall

Research on measurement method of a building’s sound environment performance other than those above

Research on evaluation criteria for sound environment performance of a building

Research on methods to improve and predict the floor impact sound insulation of timber construction building

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