Master’s Program in Art and Design Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences, University of Tsukuba

Until now, the graduate education in art and design at the University of Tsukuba has been composed of the Master’s Program in Art and Design (an independent 2-year program) and the 5-year Doctoral Program in Science of Art and Design, Comprehensive Human Sciences. However, these programs were restructured in 2007 to create the new Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences which offers a 2-year Master’s Program in Art and Design and a 3-year Doctoral Program in Art and Design in a combined format of first and second stages.

The first stage of the program, the Master’s stage, has capacity for 60 students, including 20 specially selected nontraditional students. Students who complete the program and pass the final examination can acquire a Master’s degree in either Art or Design. In this first stage, research and study is conducted in each area, but the entire program is roughly divided into two fields – Fine Art, and Design. “Fine Art” is composed of six areas: Art History, Art Environment Support, Western-Style Painting, Japanese-Style Painting, Carving and Modeling, and Sho-Calligraphy Art. “Design” is composed of eight areas: Constructive Art, Plastic Art and Mixed Media, Craft, Visual Communication Design, Information Design, Product Design, Environmental Design, and Architectural Design.








博士前期課程芸術専攻長 内藤定壽

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