Diploma Policy

We aim to foster:



Knowledge/Ability described in the diploma policy means:


(General knowledge and ability)

  1. Ability to use knowledge: able to use advanced knowledge in society
  2. Management ability: able to respond accurately to issues from a broad perspective
  3. Communication ability: able to convey expert knowledge accurately and clearly
  4. Group skill: able to collaborate as a team and actively contribute to the achievement of goals
  5. International character: have the awareness to contribute to the international community

(Specialized knowledge and ability)

  1. Conceptual and expressive ability: able to identify problem identification (conscientiousness) and plan
  2. Analytical ability: able to analyze problems and solve problems from a broad perspective
  3. Problem-solving ability: able to propose and create new solutions backed by the expertise to society and the academic community

Alumni/ae Career Paths




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