The 9th Art Writer Award for High School Students: Application deadline Wednesday, Sept 30, 2020

The Art Writer Award for High School Students is an essay contest on art.
It allows students to develop the ability to convey their ideas and think about art in their own words.
The 9th contest will be held for 2 years; essays in English in 2020 and essays in Japanese in 2021.


Essays in English
Write a 1000-English-word essay about your view on art.

Essay Topic Themes
1. Japanese Art
Write about Japanese art.

2. Creative Experience
Write about your experience of creating artwork.

3. Art and Life 2020
Write about art and life in contemporary worldwide situations.

Application deadline: Wednesday, Sept 30, 2020.

Announcement of the Awards: March 2021 (online)

(Number of awards may change according to the volume of submissions.)
Grand Prize – 1 to 3 entries / Award for Excellence – 5 to 10 entries / Winning Entries – 10 to 20 entries

Applicants must be high school students or students attending a public institution equivalent to an upper secondary school (in Japan, mostly ages ranging from 15 to 18 years old) at the time of the application.
The essay must be written by the individual.
Please give each essay a title.
You may think and write logically about the topic like a short thesis.
You may talk about your personal feelings as you might when reminiscing.
You may also focus on reporting a topic as would a journalist.
Although “Art” will be assumed to describe visual arts focused on art and design, the essay writer is free to define art according to his or her own view.

Submit your essay through the website.

Download the Application guide leaflet