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We have published the CAIR 2022 catalogue!!

CAIR Working Team. (Eds). (2022). CAIR 2022: FEEL. Faculty of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba.

CAIR 2022の記録として『CAIR 2022: FEEL』を刊行しました。2ヶ月に渡るコラボレーション制作や交流の過程とその成果、招へい教員を交えてのコラム、各種プログラムの様子などを盛り込んだ、日英両言語による公式カタログです。

We have published CAIR 2022: FEEL catalogue. This is the official catalogue in both Japanese and English, which contains: the process of 2 months art making/communication and its results; the collaborative column with guest teacher and images of the various programmes.



You could see some contents of the catalogue here. If you would like to enjoy the whole, please directly contact with the CAIR working team.