An exhibition of the works of Professor Emeritus Morio Shinoda at the Art and Physical Education Library

Social Contribution Teamhas, until now, displayed ceramic items from the Ishii Collection in front of the counter on the second floor of the Art and Physical Education Library. For a time, however, you may view the work TC6106by an artist from this university, Professor Emeritus Morio Shinoda, as a satellite exhibition of the University of Tsukuba Art Collection (UTAC).

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Having established his position as an artist after receiving the Kotaro Takamura Award in 1966 and displaying his works at the Venice Biennale, Professor Shinoda taught in Plastic Arts and Mixed Media in the School of Art and Design and in the Art and Design Master’s Program from 1979 to 1994. In addition to his active career as an artist and as a result of his achievements in education, he was the first person in Asia to be awarded the International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Sculpture Educator Award.

The work 《TC6106》, which is owned by this university, is part of a series of three-dimensional works titled TC (Tension and Compression), in which metal clusters are fixed in mid-air by applying tension and pressure to steel wires. Since the 1950s, this series has been the lifework of Professor Shinoda, who was influenced by the structural theory of American theorist, designer, and architect Richard Buckminster Fuller.

(An image posted on the website, which shows artwork on top of a wooden box with one of Professor Shinoda’s drawings, will not be displayed at the exhibition.)

[Rintaro Terakado, Social Contribution Team]