Evaluation criteria for thesis for a doctoral degree

Evaluation criteria for thesis for a doctoral degree

The standards to be satisfied for a doctoral dissertation are specified with: (i) fulfillment of the requirements stipulated in the code of the University of Tsukuba Graduate School; (ii) that the doctoral dissertation is acknowledged to be adequate to the following evaluation items; and, further is decided to pass at the final examination.

1.The significance of the research and its positioning in the field of art and design should he clearly mentioned, based on understanding research trends in domestic and overseas related fields as well as the previous research;

2.The research results should be original and contributable to the development of the art and design fields, and have sufficient data suitable for presentation as an academic dissertation;

3.Reliability of the research results should be sufficiently verified, based on sufficient knowledge about research integrity;

4.Discussion of the research results should be adequate, and the conclusion should depend on objective grounds;

5.The background, purpose, method, results, discussions, conclusion, etc. of the research should be summarized in a form suitable for a doctoral dissertation in the art and design field;

The Dissertation Committee is composed of at least four referees; one chief referee and no fewer than three vice referees. At the screening, students should undertake oral examinations more than once, and conduct a public presentation, followed by the final examination.
Additionally, a candidate for dissertation defense should pass the preliminary examination in the degree programs beforehand.

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