Diploma Policy

We aim to foster:

Researchers with creative research ability in figurative arts and outstanding professional knowledge and practical skills with which they can contribute to various fields of society including official organizations, business corporations, etc.; and, university faculty members demonstrating firm teaching and research skills

Knowledge/ability described in the diploma policy means:

  1. Ability to create new intelligence/knowledge: Capable of contributing to the future society;
  2. Managerial ability: To identify a challenge from a higher perspective, and to plan/perform a solution;
  3. Communication ability: To pass on the essence of academic results actively and understandably;
  4. Leadership skills: To accomplish a purpose by exercising leadership;
  5. Global awareness: High level of awareness and motivation for international activities and contribution to global society;
  6. Creativity: Creative ability to accomplish original research that has a certain academic significance
  7. Leverage: To effectively use or recommend a reliable academic methodology in the field of art and design;
  8. Development: To draw an innovative and useful conclusion contributable to academic progress in the field of art and design; and,
  9. Evolvability: Ability to assess the potentials of research that may contribute to academic progress in the field of art and design

Alumni/ae Career Paths

University faculty members, curatorial staff of art museums/museums, researchers of administrative bodies and business corporations, etc. in addition to independent researchers with the ability of creative expression in fine arts and design including painters, printmakers, sculptors, calligraphers, three-dimensional artists, photographers, architects, designers, illustrators, filmmakers, critics, and so on.

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