Birth nd Death: 1904 Kyoto - 1982 Kyoto Product Year: c. 1955 Number: 1 Size: h. 10.4 w. 15.1 d. 25.4 cm 所蔵番号:2008-JC-IS019 Inventory Number: 2008-JC-IS019

Cup with meander and diamond pattern, cut glass

Production Year:Edo-Meiji Period, 19th Century Place:Jingdezhen Ware Number:3 Size (height × bore × diameter of bottom): L : 4.3×5.2×2.8cm M : 4.0×4.5×2.2cm S : 3.5×3.7×2.0cm Inventory Number:2008-JC-IS017

Jubako(Portable Tiered Box for Lunch)with Clematis and Bamboo Grass Design in Maki-e Lacquer

Production Year:Edo Period, 18th-19th Century Number:1 Size:29.0 × 23.3 × 21.7cm Inventory Number:2005-JC-IS018

KOYAMA Fujio Jar, bluish white porcelain

Birth and Death:1900 Kurashiki (Okayama) - 1975 Gifu Production Year:c.1965-1974 Number:1 Size:h.21.6 m.d.12.4 b.d.12.0 d.24.2 cm Inventory Number:2010-JC-IS002

ISHIGURO Munemaro Dish with Flower Design in Overglaze Wucai Enamels

Birth and Death:1893 Imizu (Toyama) - 1968 Kyoto Production Year:Date unknown Number:1 Size (height × bore × diameter of bottom):4.0 × 10.2 × 7.4cm Inventory Number:2005-JC-IS024
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Bernard LEACH Water Jar with Iron Glaze Dripping Design

Birth and Death: 1887 Hong Kong, British Colony - 1979 St. Ives, U.K. Production Year:1923 Number:1 Size (height × bore × diameter of bottom):11.5 × 12.3 × 9.1cm Inventory Number:2005-JC-IS023

Incense burner, celadon

Production Year:Shōwa period,20th Century Place:ITAYA Hazan Number:1 Size (height × bore × diameter of bottom):9.8×11.9×5.4cm(diameter of mouth10.0cm) Inventory Number:2008-JC-IS018

Dish with a design of plant, overglaze blue on white ground

Production Year:19th Century Place:Ryukyu Ware Number:1 Size:h.7.7 m.d.24.1cm Inventory Number:2010-JC-IS001

Dishes with Shrimp Design in Underglaze Blue

Production Year:Edo-Meiji Period, 19th Century Place:Kosobe Ware Number:10 Size (height × bore × diameter of bottom):2.6 × 11.8 × 5.4cm Inventory Number:2005-JC-IS019
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Small Sake Cups in Underglaze Blue

Production Year:Edo Period? 19th Century Number:7 Size (height × bore × diameter of bottom): 4.6-6.0 × 7.1-7.9 × 4.2-4.5cm Inventory Number:2005-JC-IS022