In 2005, Tsukuba University was donated 86 works of art from Mr Akira Ishii, the president of the TRC, the company concerning the library management, ‘to contribute to education and research within the University’. This was made up of 25 paintings and 61 ceramic items. We continue to accept donations, and our total holdings, as of 2010, had reached over 200 objects. We hope to continue to expand our collection by such means.

The paintings include works by Foujita Tsuguharu, known as Leonard Foujita, who worked in pre-war Paris, Kuniyoshi Yasuo who was active in the USA, Saito Yoshishige, a pioneer of the modern art movement in Japan, and Ikeda Masuo. The ceramics are of the highest quality, mainly from the 12th – 19th centuries, from Japan and other parts of East Asia.