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「DC」とは、博士後期課程を指す“Doctoral Course”の略です。2007年度の大学院の改組再編により、“Doctoral Course”(人間総合科学研究科芸術学専攻(博士課程5年一貫制))から“Doctoral Program”(人間総合科学研究科博士後期課程芸術専攻)に改称されましたが、その後も「DC展」の名称を引き継いで展覧会を行って参りました。2020年度の学位プログラム化後においても同じ名称を継承しています。



DC Exhibition is an exhibition of research results by students enrolled in the Doctral Program in Art and Design Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences / Degree Programs in Art (Doctoral Programs) in Comprehensive Human Sciences at the University of Tsukuba.

The exhibition was held annually at the Tsukuba Museum of Art until FY 2019, but from FY 2021 onward it will be held at the exhibition facility on the campus of the University of Tsukuba.

“DC” stands for “Doctoral Course,” which refers to the name of the program before it was renamed as ” Doctoral Program.” We have continued to use the “DC Exhibition” name through the years.

In this exhibition, you can see the results of two types of research: “poster presentations” by students who are mainly engaged in theoretical research, and “artwork presentations” by students who are mainly engaged in production research.

In order to let as many people as possible know about the works and research activities of our doctoral students, we will continue to disseminate them widely both domestically and internationally through this website in addition to the on-campus exhibition.

博士後期課程芸術専攻長 長田年弘
芸術学学位プログラムリーダー 仏山輝美

Toshihiro Osada, Chairman of the Doctoral Program in Art & Design
Terumi Hotokeyama, Program Leader of Degree Programs in Art

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