Western-style Painting

Western-style Painting

The Division of Western-style painting aims to produce outstanding talents who have achieved highly professional studies based on the specialized education attained at the School of the University of Tsukuba or other universities, and are capable of contributing to the development of the culture, arts and education of Japan.
The division creates programs for students to refine their sensitivity, to cultivate their ability for self-expression with a high degree of creativity, and to reach towards establishing their expression as a Western-style painter.

Main Specialized Subjects

(i) “Advanced Lecture: Theory of Technique in Western Style Painting” leads students to examine the essence of skills from the perspective of Western-style Painting, and formulate an approach to self-expression and skills as a professional; (ii) “Seminar-workshop: Technique of Western Art” offers a practicum of the skills discussed in the “Advanced Lecture: Theory of Technique in Western Style Painting”, above; (iii) “Workshop : Oil Painting (A, B, C, D)” facilitates students to acquire the basics of creative activities through producing paintings using motifs including nude female models and still lifes. While paying respect to the independent creative motivation of students, this subject uses nude female models and still lifes in order to avoid the possibility that student creativity may be reduced to mere synthesis of information, resulting in imitation; and, (iv) “Advanced Workshop : Oil Painting A, B, C, D” encourages students to deepen their independent creative activities to demonstrate self-expression as a painter through instruction from the objective view of teachers who also are painters.

Alumni/ae Career Paths

The main career path of alumni/ae of this division is as a teacher of university, high school, etc. However, some have become independent painters or illustrators, as well as those whom have careers in business corporations or have gone overseas.

Alumni/ae including:

1982 KATO Osamu Professor of Chiba University, painter
1982 KITAZAWA Shigeo Professor of Yokohama University of Art and Design, painter
1985 HIGASHIJIMA Tsuyoshi Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design, painter
1989 KOZAWA Motohiro Professor of Saitama University, painter
2000 KABUTA Masahiko Associate Professor of Utsunomiya University, painter
2000 HINO Korehiko Instructor of Tama Art University, painter
2009 KATO Takayuki Associate Professor of University of Teacher Education Fukuoka, painter
2010 FUNAOKA Hiroyuki Associate Professor of Hokkaido University of Education, painter
2010 KANO Hiroaki Associate Professor of Nara University of Education, painter

※ Graduates before Master’s Program in Art

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