Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design

At the Division of Visual Design, students study designs engaged in the media that aesthetically and effectively transfer content via visual and sculptural methods; specifically, book design, picture books/manga, photo media, branding design, package design, illustration, editorial design, advertising design, typography, calligraphic design, etc.

The educational policy of the Division involves the integration of theory and practice, respect for diversity, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. The division encourages students to decide a topic based on a specific subject, approach it theoretically, and seek creative solutions. The division, aims to foster creators and researchers capable of actively and sustainably working on various regional or international issues.

Alumni/ae Career Paths

The career paths of alumni/ae include the advertising and planning department of a range of business enterprises such as advertising agencies, design productions, publishing companies, newspapers, printing companies, government offices, as well as independent designers, illustrators, picture book writers, etc. On the other hand, some enter doctoral programs, or obtain the position of researcher at universities.

Alumni/ae including:

1982      YAMAZAKI Noriko, Manga Artist (INUMARU Rin)

1983      HATAKEYAMA Naoya, Photographer, Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts

1985      KOIZUMI Masako, Professor, Tama Art University

1988      MORISAKI Tadashi, Book binder

1991      TANAKA Sayoko, Professor, the University of Tsukuba

1992      ARAKI Hironobu, Professor, Saga University

1993      KOTANI Mitsuru, Professor, Shimane University

1994      YONOICHI Yoshio, Professor, Shiga University

1994      YAMAMOTO Masayuki, Professor, Gifu University

1995      HARA Tadanobu, Associate Professor, the University of Tsukuba

2002      KIM Sangtae, Associate Professor, the University of Tsukuba

2002      Guo Yi, Graphic Designer, Asahi Shimbun Newspaper

2003      AN Kiyoung, Professor, Kindai University

2004      ABI AAD, Antoine, Assistant Professor, Lebanese University

2005      KAMIMURA Shinya, Graphic Designer, Asahi Shimbun Newspaper

2007      WADA Nanahiro, Associate Professor, Kagoshima University

2011      KONAKA Daichi, Artist, Picture Book Writer, Doctoral Student in the Graduate School    of the University of Tsukuba

2011      YAMAMOTO Miki, Manga Artist, Picture Book Writer

2015      TAKAHASHI Kaori, Picture Book Writer

2016      YAMAGUCHI Takuto, Art Director, Dentsu, Inc.

2018      SASAKI Kaede, Art Director, Dentsu, Inc.

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