The Division of Calligraphy aims to develop highly skilled professionals capable of contributing to society as calligraphers or calligraphy researchers. Based on the instruction provided at the School of the University of Tsukuba, students learn theoretical and practical subjects in tandem, in order to acquire both professional knowledge and skills. Current calligraphic production tends to reflect the trend of the frontier calligraphy /history of calligraphy; consequently, writing and calligraphy have come to exhibit a closer bonding than before. In keeping with this situation, the graduation research requires both thesis and production in common with the School in order to foster innovative calligraphic professionals who pioneer a new era. The division also accepts adult admission through special entry.

Main Specialized Subjects

Theory of Sho-Calligraphy
Appreciation of Sho-Calligraphy
Handwriting Technique of Kanji (Chinese Calligraphy) A〜D
Handwriting Technique of Kana (Japanese Calligraphy) A〜D

Alumni/ae Career Paths

Many alumni/ae devote themselves to education nationwide as teacher of junior and senior high schools, universities, etc., while displaying their versatile talents as calligraphers, seal engravers, and calligraphy researchers. Some also play an important role in fields such as curatorial staff of museums/art museums, editors of publishing companies, etc., in line with their own major subject.

Alumni/ae including:

1990 IKEDA Toshihiro Professor of Osaka Kyoiku University
1991 NABESHIMA Toko Chief Researcher of the Calligraphy Museum
1992 TAKASHIRO Koichi Professor of Daito Bunka University
1994 SHIMADA Kazuyuki Chief Editor of Calligraphy Division, KYOIKU-SHUPPAN.Co., Ltd.
1995 YANO Senzai Professor of Morioka University
1996 SAKAI Koji Associate Professor of University of Teacher Education Fukuoka
2003 HASHIMOTO Takaaki Associate Professor of Kokugakuin University
2004 NAKAMURA Nobuhiro Researcher of the Calligraphy Museum
2005 YAMADA Kayo Curatorial Staff of Saita Museum
2007 TAKAHASHI Yuta Full-time Instructor of Nishogakusha University
2008 Chen Jianzhi Researcher of National Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 MUTOBE Katsunori Researcher of Tokyo National Museum
2010 KANEKO Kaoru Curatorial Staff of Idemitsu Museum of Arts
2013 HOSHIKO Momoko Curatorial Staff of Nagoya City Museum
2017 IDA Akihiro Curatorial Staff of Fudenosato Kobo

※ Graduates before Master’s Program in Art

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