The Division of Printmaking aims to foster printmakers or other professionals engaged in printmaking who have achieved highly professional studies based on education attained at the School of the University of Tsukuba or other universities, and are capable of playing a leading role in society in the future.
Master’s Programs proceed with the representability of printmaking as a painting, centering around production and research, while aiming to facilitate students to garner the ability to promote a study in both theory and practice through research on trends in contemporary printmaking as well as on skills.
The Doctoral Program aims to lead students to construct an innovative theory regarding expression through printmaking via documentary search/field research to be conducted on a theme defined by students, supported by experimental production .
In addition, as part of the programs, the “MC Ten” (for master’s program students) and the “DC Ten” (for doctoral program students) exhibitions are held each year at the Ibaraki Tsukuba Art Museum to showcase student works as practical research results.

Main Specialized Subjects

Workshop : Printmaking – A:
There are various skills in printmaking, depending on types of negative. Students conduct research on production skills through practical application, to understand the characteristics and nature thereof, and, to utilize them in the production of works.
Workshop : Printmaking – B:
Students conduct research on the representability of printmaking in contemporary art. In the spring semester, students work on document acquisition; and in the autumn semester, students decide on theme, conduct an experimental production, and present it at the end of term.
Advanced Workshop : Printmaking:
Students select a type of negative based on the theme selected for their completion project, and work on the experimental production of printmaking.

Alumni/ae Career Paths

The career paths are extensive; some graduates enter doctoral programs, become a university, junior or senior high school or other educational institution teacher , or find employment in business corporations; while others become independent printmakers, illustrators, web designers, etc. Although printmaking production requires dedicated equipment many alumni/ae continue to engage in printmaking production.

Alumni/ae including:

2007 SHIROYAMA Momo Assistant, Tohoku University of Art and Design, Ph.D. (art and design)
2008 MIYAGI Masanari Instructor of the University of Nagano
2012 TAKEUCHI Hidemi Manga Artist
2013 HATAKEYAMA Miki Web designer
2013 ONO Shuhei Instructor of Shohoku College, Ph.D. (art and design)
2016 KOUCHI Daiki Full-time instructor of Kyushu high school
2017 ICHIKAWA Ayana Specially Appointed researcher of the University of Tsukuba

※ Graduates before Master’s Program in Art

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