Plastic Art and Mixed Media

Plastic Art and Mixed Media

Plastic Art and Mixed Media focuses on molding production and research/production using a range of media, based on the arts of the 20th century. Specifically, it advances study/production based on the theories learned through Introduction to Plastic Art and Mixed Media, Contemporary Art, etc. offered at the School of the University of Tsukuba, and on the practices/practicums of game devices and electronic images.
Since there are many students from other universities in the first year, the division assigns students “Special Lecture on Plastic Art and Mixed Media” as well as “Practicums for Presentation of Production/Study of Plastic Art and Mixed Media” as the extension of education at the School/department of university, in order to understand and organize the concept of contemporary art, and to determine a study theme.
In the second year, the division leads students to finish the graduation thesis/production through studies and productions based on their respective study themes.

The study themes presented in the past have been diverse, including the theoretical study of contemporary arts, molding production, object production, kinetics, computers, videos, etc., but have also included live performances and installations.

Main Specialized Subjects

Theory: Contemporary Art
Workshops: Contemporary Art
Lecture: Theory of Media of Expression
Workshops: Media of Expression
Lecture: Theory of Contemporary Art
Workshops: Contemporary Art

Alumni/ae Career Paths

Artists, teachers of universities and other schools, curatorial staff of art museums, designers in business and mass media-related corporations, TV producers, etc.

Alumni/ae including:

1982 ISHIHARA Tsunekazu “Pokemon”, Super Adviser, CEO
1982 KUNIYASU Takamasa Professor, Faculty of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba
1986 IWAI Toshio Media Artist・Picture book writer
1989 TERADA Mayumi Photographer
1992 TOSA Nobumichi Meiwa Denki
1995 KUWAKUBO Ryota Device Artist, Associate Professor of Institute of Advanced Media Arts and
Sciences (IAMAS)
1997 CHIKAMORI Motoshi Plaplax ltd.
1998 YOSHITAKE Shinsuke Picture book writer
1998 HAYASHI Gojinmaru Senior Technical Specialist, University of Tsukuba
1999 HASHIMOTO Norihisa Specially Appointed Instructor, Department of Frontier Media Science,
School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences, Meiji University
2005 MURAKAMI Fumiaki Assistant Professor, Faculty of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba
2005 RYOTA Shioya Ceramic Artist
2007 EGUCHI Takuto Multi Media Artist・Professional work shopper
2010 IIDA Masashige Filmmakers
2010 SAKAMOTO Nodoka Writer・Artist
2011 INOUE Miyuki Artist, Member of Agency for Cultural Affairs Artist Overseas Training(2017)
2013 SATO Masaharu + HARAGUCHI Hiroko Artist Duo
2015 HIRANO Haruna Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art, Public Relations Department
2017 SUZUKI Kinusa Dentsu INC. , Art Director
2018 OKAMOTO Teruki Media Performance Team Room Kids・UEMOKO Co.,Ltd.

※ Graduates before Master’s Program in Art

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