The Art and Design Degree Program (first semester; Master’s Programs) aims to foster highly skilled professionals and researchers who engage in concentrated studies on the theory and practice of figurative arts with a broad perspective, and are capable of responding to a variety of developments in the current figurative arts with a high level of skills including practical applicability/plannability, while playing a leading role in this globalized society.
Through this program with no more than 45 students, every division of education research, including History of Art, Art Environment Support, Western-style Painting, Japanese-style Painting, Printmaking , Carvings and Sculptures, Calligraphy, Composition, Plastic Art and Mixed Media, Crafts , Visual Design, and Environmental Design, provides training to obtain competence in self-expression with a high degree of professionalism as well as deep knowledgeability. To this end, the program encourages cross-divisional and interdisciplinary learning/studies and cultivation of a wide spectrum of abilities under the educational policy to optimize individuality. Furthermore, it is also possible to widen global perspective by taking advantage of an exchange program.
Graduates of this program will fill positions of highly skilled professionals and researchers with an ability in creative expression in figurative arts, such as teachers of junior high and high schools, etc., curatorial staff of museums and museums of art, researchers of administrative organizations and private corporations, painters, printmakers, sculptors, calligraphers, craftsmen, ceramicists, lacquerware artists, three-dimensional artists, photographers, architects, designers, illustrators, filmmakers, critics, etc., in addition to proceeding to the next stage of education including the Doctoral Programs in Art and Design of the University of Tsukuba, graduate school.


The University of Tsukuba is a “New Concept University” established in the Tsukuba Science City in 1973, while its roots are in one of Japan’s oldest schools, established in 1872 (later known as Tokyo Higher Normal School).
Art education at a graduate school started with the art course of the Tokyo University of Education Graduate School, established in 1967. However, high-level art education itself has a longer history of over 60 years, if including the art course included in the department of education major, established in 1955 at the Tokyo University of Education.

Reference Chronology

1975 School of Art and Design opens.
1976 The Doctoral Program in Science of Art and Design (consecutive 5-year system) is established.
1977 The Master’s Program in Art and Design is established.
2001 The Doctoral Program in Comprehensive Human Sciences is established. Accordingly, the Doctoral Program in Science of Art and Design is reorganized as the Doctoral Program in Art and Design (consecutive 5-year system).
2006 The above programs are migrated to the segmented doctoral program of the Comprehensive Human Sciences. Accordingly, the Master’s Programs in Art and Design and the Doctoral Programs in Art and Design are established.
2020 The Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences and the Degree Programs in Comprehensive Human Sciences are established, and migrated to the new degree program system. Accordingly, the previous “Master’s Programs in Art and Design” and the “Doctoral Programs in Art and Design” reestablished respectively as four programs such as: (i) Degree Programs in Art (Master’s Programs), (ii) Degree Programs in Design (Master’s Programs), (iii) Degree Programs in Art (Doctoral Programs); and (iv) Degree Programs in Design (Doctoral Programs).
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