Japanese-style Painting

Japanese-style Painting

The Division of Japanese-style Painting offers practical and theoretical studies higher than the professional education that students attained at the University of Tsukuba or other universities. The division aims to foster talented individuals who can be independent as professionals engaged in creative activities of Japanese-style painting, while being capable of contributing to and playing a leading role in society in the future.
The division provides instruction including the practicum of professional skills using classic works, experimental production practices of Japanese-style painting based on a study theme, and lecture subjects such as the History of Art and Art Skills. The division also conducts classes in specialized subjects for students to develop their ability for self-expression and a critical spirit based on high creativity, and to acquire adequate skills in art to contribute, as a painter, their works to a diverse society.

Main Specialized Subjects

Seminar-workshop : Japanese Style Painting
Workshop : Japanese Style Painting /Advanced Workshop : Japanese Style Painting
Practice: Outdoor Landscape Japanese Style Painting
Special Seminars and Workshops :Presentation and Exhibition Ⅰ, II
Core Seminar
Core Research

Alumni/ae Career Paths

The alumni/ae of the division play an active part in a diverse array of creation genres as Japanese-style painters, contemporary artists, illustrators, designers, etc. In addition, many enter Doctoral Programs, or become teachers of universities, high schools and junior high schools, conducting study/education-related activities, while maintaining their own highly evaluated production.

Alumni/ae including:

1991 ARAI Kei Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts
1992 MATSUHISA Koji Professor of University of Teacher Education Fukuoka
1994 MIZUMI Takeshi Teacher of Meikei High school, Member of the Japan Art Institute
1996 OHTA Taisuke Teacher of Mito First High School, Member of the SOGA-kai Association
2000 FUNAI Misa Contemporary-art creator
2008 NOZUMI Koichi Instructor of Kochi University, Associate member of SOGA-kai Association
2010 MORIYA Ayako Member of the Japan Art Institute
2012 INOUE Ai Assistant Professor of Tokoha University Junior College
2013 MAKINO Kazuho Associate Professor of Nagasaki University, Member of SOGA-kai Association
2014 SUWA Tomomi Part-time Instructor of Kyoto Seika University
2016 NAKAO Taito Instructor of Fukuoka Jogakuin University

※ Graduates before Master’s Program in Art

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