Environmental Design

Environmental Design

The Division of Environmental Design at the University of Tsukuba designs and studies our “environments” from a broad perspective.
Humans are the “product” of environments, and environments are also the “product” of humans.
The Division aims to clarify this interdependent relationship between humans and environments, and to comprehend the “design” and “planning” of the environments corresponding to the relationship.
The division also covers “spaces” of all scales/sizes as objectives, including indoor spaces (interiors), streets, squares, parks, districts (blocks), cities, agricultural and fishing villages, and regional areas including nature such as mountains, lakes, and rivers.
By working on such objectives in a comprehensive and coordinated manner, the division aims to create spaces in which humans can live more comfortably.
In other words, environmental design is a field to fully comprehend that “Environments/space creations = Designing for the revitalization of humanity in our time”.

The places around us or where we live are all “environments”, albeit at different scales.
In the past, however, design practice and academic thinking were established by subdividing them, exemplifying interior design, architectural design, urban design, landscape design, and so on.
In today’s society, however, rapid and major changes are occurring, due to the development of science and technology, advanced information technology, fluctuations in the industrial structure, and various environmental problems.
If the field of design remains fragmented, we may lose the perspective of the complexity and diversity of our “place of life”.
Now is the very time when we seriously need the “environmental design” field.

Main Specialized Subjects

Special Topics in Environmental Design
Special Topics in Urban and Regional Design
Special Topics in Landscape Design
Special Topics in Passive Design in Architecture and Urban Planning
Workshops: Environmental Design 1
Workshops: Environmental Design 2

Alumni/ae Career Paths

University faculty members (University of Tsukuba, Sapporo City University, Nagoya City University, Meiji
University, Nihon University, Osaka Institute of Technology, etc.)
Civil servants, administrative corporations, foundations (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare; Fukushima Pref.; Niigata Pref.; Yokohama City; Urban Renaissance Agency; Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Infrastructure; Parks and Recreation Foundation, etc.)
Business Companies (Architectural design, urban planning, landscape consultant, construction, real estate, etc.) Independent design offices (Architectural design, web design, color design, etc.)

Alumni/ae including:

MIKAMI Noriaki (Nagoya City University)
UEKITA Yasufumi (University of Tsukuba)
KANNO Hirotsugu (Meiji University)
MURAKAMI Masayoshi (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
SAKAGUCHI Jiro (Urban Renaissance Agency)
IWANAGA Sachiko (Jikooyooen Architects)
TAKEUCHI Toshie (Environmental Planning Bureau, City of Yokoham)
HAYASHI Makiko (JR East)
SHIMOYAMA Mariko (Urban Design Institute Co., Ltd.)
HAYASHI Masahiro (Hokkaido Nikken Sekkei Ltd)
TAKEBUCHI Shota (Hoshino Resorts Inc.)
KOBAYASHI Aya (Nikken Sekkei Research Institute)
ISHIKAWA Takahiro (Tanseisha Co., Ltd.)
SUGANO Sora (Haseko Corporation)
NAKA Ekuko (Landscape architect MNLA, Norway)

※ Graduates before Master’s Program in Art

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