The art and design degree program of the Division of Crafts consists of three fields; glass, ceramics, and woodwork and lacquerware. The division assigns professional instructors to each field. It has constructed a curriculum through which students learn methodology to employ in order to understand the characteristics of a raw material as a formative element, to select and fully utilize the potentials of the material, and to seek the expressions that can be embodied only by that material. Students should aim to embody high-level expressions using the materials, based on the education that they acquired at the school of the University of Tsukuba, and to further develop their understanding. In other words, the curriculum has been designed so students can acquire the expressions generated, through a range of practicums, such as Special Practicum, Formative Practicum Using Materials (glass, ceramics and wood), etc., deepening the skills and formative expressions of each field, and by combining a main material with those and formative elements of other fields in a cross-cutting manner. The research results of every student are shared through the Special Study for Art and Design Degree Program. The students present their research results in turn, exhibiting logical thinking and formative expressions, and review each other’s work, resulting in the assurance of the quality thereof. The graduation research requires students to produce both a work and a thesis (research report).

Main Specialized Subjects

Seminar: Glass Art and Design / Special Seminar: Glass Art and Design
Special Topics in Ceramic Art
Workshops on Ceramic Art I / Workshops on Ceramic Art II
Workshops on Creating with Wood
Workshops on Lacquer Art

Alumni/ae Career Paths

Ceramicists, craftsmen, three-dimensional artists, school teachers, researchers, etc.

Alumni/ae including:

2008 KUME Kaori Tokyo FM
2010 ENDO Shoko Grass Three-dimensional Artist
2011 KANNO Natsumi Design Course, Section, Katsushika School for Deaf, Tokyo
2012 IBARAGI Syuhei Hakuhodo Products Inc.
2014 ABE Jun Instructor of Meikei High School
2015 FUKUYAMA Naoko Potter
2017 DEGUCHI Maho Dentsu Management Service
2017 TSUSHIMA Naoki Kyodo Kougeisha
2017 OI Maki Tsukuba Museum of Art, Ibaraki
2017 KOTANI Keiko Artist

※ Graduates before Master’s Program in Art

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