Art Environment Support

Art Environment Support

The division aims to foster human resources capable of playing a leading role in the planning, management, education/information, etc. of art-environment-support activities in society, seeking the revitalization of humanity through the arts as well as the social role of the arts. The students of the division may embrace theoretical knowledge concerning art education but also enroll in a class that engages in actual support activities accessing art collections and other materials owned by the University of Tsukuba. The division aims to facilitate students undertaking the distinctive curriculum, to consider the relationship of the arts with human happiness/growth, to complete both theoretical and practical tasks, and to envisage how modern art environment-support ought to be through their own research tasks.

Main Specialized Subjects

Methodology of Art Education A-1
Methodology of Art Education A-2
Methodology of Art Education B-1
Methodology of Art Education B-2
Facilitation for learning in Art A
Facilitation for learning in Art B
Seminar on Facilitation for Learning in Art A
Seminar on Facilitation for Learning in Art B
Workshop:Art Environment Support I
Workshop:Art Environment Support II
Workshop:Art Environment Support III
Field Research: Art Environment Support A-1
Field Research: Art Environment Support A-2
Field Research: Art Environment Support B-1
Field Research: Art Environment Support B-2

Alumni/ae Career Paths

Curatorial staff of art museums/museums; staff members of cultural and artistic organizations; teachers of elementary, junior high, and high schools, and university faculty members, in addition to the practitioners/researchers of art environment support of organizations, regardless of whether it is private or public, who leverage their professionalism. Students may also take the course to become specialized researchers through the doctoral programs.

Alumni/ae including:

2008 具 香謨 Korean Museums Association
2009 ASANO Satsuki “Arts Council, Tokyo”; Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
2010 AKITA Mio Curatorial staff of Kawaguchi Art Gallery ATLIA
2010 ICHIKAWA Hiroya Instructor of Tohoku University of Art and Design (after finishing the Doctoral Program in Art and Design); Assistant Professor of Gunma University after 2019.
19903 李 依チェン Tomio Koyama Gallery
2013 KAWAMURA Akiko SPIRAL/Wacoal Art Center
2013 TAKAHASHI Riho Curatorial staff of Niigata City Art Museum
2013 NAKAGAWA Michiyo Adjunct instructor of Hosei University (after the Doctoral Program in Art and Design)
2014 Bozsd Reka Japán Alapítvány, Japan Foundation Budapest
2014 MURAKAMI Aya Aomori Contemporary Art Centre
2014 YOSHIDA Naoko Specially Appointed Assistant Professor of Kansai Gaidai University (after Doctoral Program in Art and Design)
2015 ABE Misato Curatorial staff of Ichinomiya City Memorial Art Museum of Setsuko Migishi
※ Graduates before Master’s Program in Art

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