Art and Design Science

Art and Design Science

The Division of Composition offers basic studies in the field of molding. In other words, it does not necessarily expect research results to be of immediate practicality; and, encourages students to seek unique visual effects generated by molding.

The study objectives are highly diversified, including plane, relief, 3D, and space composition, as well as motion molding, irrespective of raw materials and media. Therefore, anyone who has learned molding professionally can enter this division as an option of a degree program, regardless of field.

The Production Study encourages students to seek molding methods that enable acquisition of innovative visual effects by carefully observing the basic elements of molding such as color, shape, materials, light, motion, etc. The Theory Study leads students to examine from a number of vantage points the innovative visual effects accomplished through the Production Study, based on analysis of related works as well as verification by literature review or experiments. One purpose of the Study of Composition is for students to accumulate and present knowledge thus gained, and to expand the base of formative expressions.

Main Specialized Subjects

Special Topics in 2D and 3D Construction
Workshops on 2D and 3D Construction A, B
Special Seminars and Workshops :Presentation and Exhibition Ⅰ, II
Core Seminar
Core Research

Alumni/ae Career Paths

Alumni/ae work as designers, three-dimensional artists, researchers, and teachers of schools in various fields of society.

Alumni/ae including:

1989 MORIWAKI Hiroyuki Associate Professor of Tama Art University
1990 MATSUMURA Taizo Associate Professor of Tohoku University of Art and Design
1990 WADA Naoto Professor of Japan Women’s University
1996 HOSHIKA Tamio Associate Professor of Sojo University
1998 AKAYAMA Hitoshi Associate Professor of Tamagawa University
2002 KIM Dohyung Hyogo University of Teacher Education Assistant Professor
2002 KIM Mikyung Associate Professor of Kyushu Sangyo University
2004 KANG Yen-yu Associate Professor of Akita University of Art
2008 KAMIURA Yuta Assistant Professor of University of Tsukuba
2012 KOMATSU Futoshi Associate Professor of Koriyama Women’s College

※ Graduates before Master’s Program in Art

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