Visual Communication Design

The Visual Communication Design program involves the use of media-related design to aesthetically and effectively images through visual and formative means. In other words, illustrations, typography, diagrams, printing, photographs, videos, etc., are used to design printed and published materials, all types of graphic products, advertising in various types of media, signs and colors in the environment, and web sites, among other things. Research is also conducted on product promotion, creating brands, editing design, and book design, as well as on picture and comic books.

The basic objectives of the Visual Communication Design program are to fuse theory with practical application, respect experimental and research approaches, and establish linkages with related fields. A problem statement is established based on a specific phenomenon which is then approached theoretically and analytically and considered and reconsidered flexibly from a broad perspective to derive a creative solution. The goal of the program is to nurture creators and researchers who can make intensive to tackle today’s multitudinous issues.

Career paths for graduates

Graduates often find employment with advertising agencies, design production companies, publishers, newspaper and printing companies, public relations and planning sections of various private sector companies, government agencies, and the public sector, while many others work as designers, illustrators, video producers, and there are even quite a few who become high school teachers or continue on to education research at universities and other institutions. Still others choose to continue their education in the Doctoral Program.

Alumnae and Alumni
1982 Yamazaki Noriko Manga artist (Inumaru Rin)
1983 Hatakeyama Naoya Photographer
1985 Koizumu Masako Professor at Tama Art University
1991 Tanaka Sayoko Associate Professor at University of Tsukuba
1992 Araki Hironobu Professor at Saga University
1993 Kotani Mitsuru Associate Professor at Shimane University
1994 Yonoichi Yoshio Associate Professor at Shiga University
1994 Yamamoto Masayuki Associate Professor at Gifu University
2002 Kim Sangtae Associate Professor at University of Tsukuba
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