Product Design

The Product Design program encompasses everything from daily devices to space development equipment, and gives students the opportunity to learn about concepts and ideals of how people relate to the machines that they produce. The program is designed to enable students to acquire, through lectures and experiments, the high level of design concepts that tomorrow’s product designers and instructors will need.

Today, it is hoped that there will also be new developments in design methodology. In addition to the basic questions of“ What?” and“ How?,” a new question is gaining importance in design“: Why?” To answer these questions, students learn about both the sensory and intellectual aspects of the interface between people and their devices,and check their results through various means such as training at relevant off-campus institutes.

Graduates, including many from outside Japan, are active in a wide variety of fields, particularly in research institutes and educational facilities in their home countries.

Career paths for graduates

Graduates of the program often work as freelance artists, as instructors in universities and other schools, as museum curators, as display designers, and with video and computers in media-related companies.

Alumnae and Alumni
1982 Kawashima Kazuyo CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.
1989 Ito Setsu STUDIO I.T.O.DESIGN
1990 Mieki Nariaki IBM JAPAN/ASIA/Pacific Technical Operation IBM
2000 Uchiyama Toshiaki Associate Professor at University of Tsukuba
2004 Kang Namgyu Associate Professor at Future University Hakodate
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