Plastic Art and Mixed Media

Plastic Arts and Mixed Media, which is grounded on 20th century art, focuses on researching and creating works of plastic art and various media. Specifically, the curriculum entails theoretical approaches such as plastic arts and mixed media theory, modern art theory, etc.,study of games and play equipment, electronic images, etc., to help students develop a high level of research and creative works.

The Plastic Arts and Mixed Media program attracts many students from other universities, who have take special classes for creating and presentating plastic art and mixed media in the first year to understand and consider various approaches modern arts and to determine their research themes.

The second year curricula are based on individual research themes, and students receive instruction in how to conduct research and create works to complete their Master’s thesis and final project.

Main research themes so far have included theoretical research of modern art, as well as a variety of other fields such as creation of plastic art and objet d’art, kinetics, computers, and videos, and there are also experiments with performance,installation, and so on.

Career paths for graduates

Graduates of the program often work as freelance artists, as instructors in universities and other schools, as museum curators, as display designers, and with video and computers in media-related companies.

Alumnae and Alumni
1982 Ishihara Tsunekazu Pokémon supervisor, CEO
1982 Kuniyasu Takamasa Professor at University of Tsukuba
1986 Iwai Toshio Media creator / Picture book writer
1989 Terada Mayumi Photographer
1992 Tosa Nobumichi Maywa Denki
1995 Kuwakubo Ryota Device artist, Associate Professor at Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences
1997 Chikamori Motoshi Teaching Associate at Musashino Art University
1998 Yoshitake Shinsuke Picture book writer
1999 Hashimoto Norihisa Project Lecturer at Meiji University
2005 Murakami Fumiaki Assistant Professor at University of Tsukuba
2007 Eguchi Takuto PANTOGRAPH
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