Information Design

The Information Design program seeks to create design that is easy to use and understand by everyone from children to senior citizens. Courses are given in such fields as interactive design, tangible graphics, ubiquitous computing, and physical computing, among others, and students learn how to design information devices, web systems, games, digital contents, exhibitions, information systems, and so on.

In the Information Design program, students learn about better concepts and methods that will help them to make all products, information systems, media, etc., to be more enjoyable and easier to use, and to acquire the skills that they will need as designers and instructors. The education program is characterized by a holistic approach to design education which includes interdisciplinary linkages with the environmental and architectural fields and products from related fields.

Career paths for graduates

Sony Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, DENSO Corporation, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Faculty member

Alumnae and Alumni
1983 Sunaga Takeshi Professor at Tokyo University of the Arts
1993 Yasui Shigeya Sony Corporation
1993 Lee Seung Hee Associate Professor at University of Tsukuba
2003 Yamada Hiroyuki Assistant Professor at University of Tsukuba, LOGOSWARE
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