Environmental Design

Is “ environmental design” designing environments? That might sound like a stupid question, but it isn’t, in other words, it involves the investigating methods for “ designing with environment.” According to Ian McHarg in “ Design with Nature” (1969), it can be said that “ environment” is interchangeable with“ nature.” The program aims to promote the harmonization between people and urban areas, rural areas and nature based on architectural, urban, landscaping, or civil engineering design by introducing methodologies from ecology, physics, biology, archaeology, geology, information sciences, and so on.

For that purpose, it is not enough just to use existing concepts, fields, methodologies, etc., we need to create flexible and well-defined measures for reform. It is hard to say just what“ environmental design” entails, but potential students must have the ambition to seek out and pursue their own issues and themes. Already, students from a wide variety of degree programs, undergraduate schools, universities and even countries have entered and graduated from the Environmental Design program. Results are being achieved by utilizing environmental design perspective.

Career paths for graduates

Graduates have gone on to careers as university instructors (University of Tsukuba, Osaka Institute of Technology, Nagoya City University, Meiji University, etc.), as public servants( Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Urban Renaissance Agency, Fukushima Prefecture, cities of Niigata, Yokohama, Hiroshima, etc., Organization for Landscape and Urban Green Technology Development, Parks and Recreation Foundation), for numerous companies as architectural planners, urban planners, landscape consultants, construction and real estate companies, etc.), and as self-employed designers( architecture, web design, color design, etc.).

Alumnae and Alumni
2005 Ishikawa Koji Tanseisha Co., Ltd.
2007 Takeuchi Yoshie Yokohama city office
2008 Kobayashi Aya Nikken Sekkei Research Institute
2009 Tanaka Sayoko Cafe Company Inc.
2009 Kobayashi Takami Oriental Land Co., Ltd.
2010 Sonekawa Kaori Toumi city office
2010 Ueda Ayaka Yanagikawa city office
2011 Shimoyama Mariko Urban Design Institute Co.,Ltd.
2012 Oshima Taku Lecturer at Sapporo City University
2015 Takebuchi Syota Hoshino Resort Inc.
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