The objectives of the Crafts program are for students to learn about the ideal or true relationships between people and tools, articles, etc., through the creation of tools and craft work, and for students to acquire the high level of knowledge and skills and expansive academic background that they will need as future artists, designers, and instructors.

The relation between people and crafts is so strong that the history of humanity could also be said to be the history of tools and crafts. The knowledge and skills needed to create things is the crystallization of human wisdom that has grown and been nurtured through the ages.

The making of things even with today’s technology requires a reconsideration of knowledge and skills due to diminishing resources and environmental issues.

In the Crafts program, students get a clear picture of the essence of making things, and the starting point of knowledge and technology, through coursework that focuses on materials used on woodworking, glass and ceramics making, etc. To get an idea of a craft world where only these elements could be used, the students engage in practice and research while considering the possibilities of new development.

Alumnae and Alumni
2008 Kume Kaori Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
2011 Kanno Natsumi The National University Corporation of Tsukuba University of Technology
2012 Ibaragi Syuhei HAKUHODO PRODUCT’S INC.
2014 Sato Shizue Bando city employees (glass atelier)
2014 Abe Jyun A lecturer at Meikei High School
2016 Koike Mikako INGA
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