Art and Design Science

The Art and Design Science program is designed to provide future constructive artists, teachers and researchers with a high level of constructive skills through specialized research on important and fundamental issues that are common to different art media. In addition to the“ shapes”,“ colors” and“ texture” of modern media, it is also extremely important to expand research to include the characteristics and media possibilities of“ movement” and“ light.” Further, there are many types of research on important themes common to the constructive arts, including the systematization of brainstorming methods and visual language; research related to the feeling, perception, structure, etc., of materials; mechanical approaches to patterns and shapes, and emotional approaches to color. 

Art and Design Science instruction focuses on the theory of construction through lectures and experiments involving construction of two- and three-dimensions, colors, light, and movement.

Career paths for graduates

They have found employment in a wide variety of fields as designers, professional artists, instructors in universities and other schools, among others.

Alumnae and Alumni
1989 Moriwaki Hiroyuki Associate Professor at Tama Art University
1990 Matsumura Taizo Associate Professor at Tōhoku University of Art & Design
1990 Wada Naoto Professor at Japan Women’s University
1996 Hoshika Tamio Associate Professor at Sojo University
1998 Akayama Hitoshi Associate Professor at Tamagawa University
2002 Kim Dohyung Assistant Professor at Hyogo University of Teacher Education

Kim Mikyung

Associate Professor at Kyushu Sangyo University
2004 Kong Jinyell Associate Professor at Akita University of Art
2008 Kamiura Yuta Assistant Professor at University of Tsukuba
2012 Komatsu Futoshi Associate Professor at Koriyama Women’s College
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