Architectural Design

Objectives of Architectural Design are to provide a venue for contemplating, researching and investigating fundamental issues related to architecture.

Instructors come from the fields of architectural structure theory, design theory, architectural planning theory, architectural design theory, architectural planning theory, and architectural and urban passive design theory, and the curriculum is mainly composed of special lectures about these fields. Students are free to choose from a certain number of elective courses from related departments and research fields. Practical classroom instruction in the Architectural Design program consists of“ Comprehensive Design Lectures I-III.” Instructors from four areas of Design have several associations, and set overall themes to closely match architectural themes in the real world, then the students choose their thesis themes from among them. The final research for the thesis is presented in the form of“ Special Course for Architectural Design,” and is required of all persons wishing to enter the Master’s Program. Students prepare either a Master’s thesis or a Master’s design. The program includes seminars by instructors, joint seminars with students in other architectural design fields, and presentations, etc., made by all students in the Areas of Design. This allows students to get a wide variety of perspectives as they progress with their research.

Career paths for graduates

Graduates of the program have found employment in design companies, general construction, development companies, etc., as various types of designers, as first class architects, as planners, producers, etc., both in Japan and abroad. Others have become teachers, researchers, and public servants. Thus, graduates are active as specialists that meet a wide variety of social needs. There are also graduates who continue with the Doctoral program to become even more advanced specialists, educators, and researchers.

Alumnae and alumni
2000 Kurosaka Takahiro A senior researcher at Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties
2001 Shimura Maki Associate Professor at Yokohama National University GLOBAL-LOCAL EDUCATION and RESEARCH CENTER
2006 Toki Ayano Assistant Professor at Tohoku University
2010 Yada Toru 403 architecture [dajiba]
2010 Yoshida Kiyohito KAJIMA CORPORATION
2011 Masudome Aya upsetters architects
2012 Saito Nobu Assistant Professor at University of Tsukuba
2013 Yerim Yang Kengo Kuma and Associates
2013 Umekawa Genichi Kengo Kuma and Associates
2015 Qiongyu Huang Nikken Sekkei Ltd.
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