Western-style Painting

The course in Western-style painting is designed to further develop the work of painters, who, after studying in the School of Art and Design at Tsukuba or another university, wish to continue further study, and who could contribute to the development of culture, art, and education in Japan.

In the Master’s program, specialized courses are offered that will enable students to deepen their artistic sensitivity, and strengthen their ability to express themselves as independent painters or woodblock artists. In the Doctoral program, students make experimental creations based on high technique and expression of theory. Using what they learned in these experiments, students seek ways to grow and develop their own style.

As part of the curricula, Master’s students hold a Master’s program exhibition, and doctoral students hold a Doctoral program exhibition, at the Tsukuba Museum of Art, a sort of public announcement of the results of that year’s courses.

Students’ works have won high acclaim at contests, expositions sponsored by art organizations, etc., and numerous budding artists from the program have attracted the attention of the art world.

Career paths for graduates

The main career path for students who have completed the program is to become instructors in high schools, universities, and so on. There are also students who have become independent artists or illustrators, or regular company employees, or have moved overseas. The patterns are varied, but one thing that can be said is that there are quite a few graduates who are attracting attention as up – and – coming leaders in their fields.

Alumnae and Alumni
1977 Arai Tomoo Professor at Shimane University, Artist, A member of the Modern Art Association
1980 Uchida Masazou Professor at Hiroshima University, Artist, A member of NIKI-kai
1981 Suzuki Tsukasa Professor at Akita University of Art, Artist, A member of NIKI-kai
1981 Yoshioka Masato Professor at Saitama University, Artist, A member of NIKI-kai
1982 Kato Osamu Professor at Chiba University, Artist, A member of NIKI-kai
1982 Kitazawa Shigeo Professor at Yokohama University of Art and Design, Artist, A member of NIKI-kai
1985 Tsuyoshi Higashijima Professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design, Artist
1989 Kozawa Motohiro Professor at Saitama University, Artist, Ph.D. (Art)
2000 Kabuta Masahiko Associate Professor at Utsunomiya University, Artist, A member of NIKI-kai, Ph.D. (Art)
2000 Hino Korehiko

Senior Lecturer at Tama Art University, Artist, A member of NIKI-kai

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