Japanese-style Painting

The program in Nihonga (Japanese style painting) is for students who majored in Art and Design at the University of Tsukuba or another university, and wish to eventually go into theoretical and practical study. Its aim is to develop talented leaders in their field who can help meet future demands from society. At the same time, we hope to foster creativity in students so that they will be able to become independent Nihonga artists. The curriculum is designed to nurture students’ ability in self-expression and individuality as Nihonga artists. The lecture series in Japanese art techniques is given as experimental research based on specialized techniques that appear in classical literature.

In Japanese Art Creation A, B, C, and D, experimental creative works are made based on specialized themes and compositional research. In the case of figure paintings, a human model is used for practical training in drawing. In Japanese Art Creation A, B, C, and D courses, students are instructed not only in techniques of Japanese art, but also in making research presentations by creating a major work or folding screen. Exhibits at the Tsukuba Museum of Art keep getting better each year, and is attracting attention as a venue for exhibiting desirable works of art. In addition, experimental creative research is done through intensive outdoor landscape painting classes.

Career paths for graduates

Persons who have completed the coursework for Nihonga have the road to the Ph.D. program opened for them. At the same time, research, presentations of original works, etc., have been gaining attention. Graduates are active in a number of painting-related professions, including of teachers (university, high school, junior high school, vocational technical school), curators, creative designers, classic hanging scroll designers and editors, etc. of companies involved with the fine arts.

Alumnae and Alumni
H3 荒井 経 東京藝術大学教授、画家
H4 大矢 琢磨 株式会社NHK出版
H4 松久 公嗣 福岡教育大学准教授、画家
H11 丹野 香織 株式会社本田産業表装部、画家
H14 佐藤 仁美 目白大学専任講師
H17 相川 葉子 イラストレーター
H20 野角 孝一 高知大学講師、創画会准会員
H24 井上 藍 常葉大学短期大学部助教
H24 諏訪 智美 京都精華大学特任講師
H24 牧野 一穂 長崎大学准教授、創画会准会員
H28 中尾 泰斗 福岡女学院大学講師
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