The objective of the Master’s program in carving and modeling is toexpand on the studies which were made during the Bachelor’s program. The curriculum of the Master’s degree program is designed totrain specialists with professional-level knowledge and skills in both modeling and carving. Notably, this Master’s program includes courses such as theory and history of art as well as seminars and practical workshops in modeling, wood carving, stone carving, metalworking, and terra-cotta carving. In the second year of the Master’s program, students can choose one intensive learning course to expand the depth of their thesis research.

Career paths for graduates

Career paths for persons who have completed the Carving and Modeling program include becoming professional carvers and sculptors, designers, etc., becoming art teachers at junior high and high schools, working at universities or research institutes, becoming curators, and research specialists at museums and so on.

Alumnae and Alumni
1983 Ikegawa Sunao Professor at Kagoshima University, A member of the Nitten
1987 Miyazaki Kou Professor at Chiba University
1990 Murakami Yusuke Associate Professor at Hyogo University of Teacher Education
1992 Senbongi Naoyuki Professor at University of Teacher Education Fukuoka, A member of the Kokugakai
1995 Kasai Eiji Professor at Gifu University, A member of Shinseisaku
1995 Tomotari Mikako Associate Professor at Kyushu University, A member of the Kokugakai
1998 Matsuo Daisuke Associate Professor at Joetsu University of Education, A member of the Kokugakai
2001 Yoshika Shin Associate Professor at Tōhoku University of Art & Design
2002 Nakahara Atsunori Associate Professor at Den-en Chofu University, A member of the Japan Sculptors Association
2003 Hayashi Sawako Assistant Professor at Joshibi University of Art and Design, A member of the Nikikai
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