Master's and Doctoral Program in Design


Introduction to the Design Studies Degree Program

In 1991, at the same time as the University of Tsukuba established its outline, it established a design studies (master's and doctoral degree) course in its graduate school. From 2020, we will operate this design studies as a degree program in the graduate school program and promote a new design studies (section system) as a research degree.

Learn the practical ability to create products and environments that improve people's minds, and aim to create social systems that create bright and fulfilling connections between people, and develop rich and constructive regions and societies. The purpose of this program is to train highly specialized professionals who have the qualities of international top leaders, or researchers who will play a central role in a variety of research and educational institutions, who can utilize their creativity to nurture, maintain, and revitalize the world.

Main educational research areas

design studies



Kansei science


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