Prizes and Exhibitions

A variety of honors have been established to reward students’ exceptional study and research accomplishments. Prizes such as the Award for Outstanding Research recognize student accomplishments in the doctoral program.

List of prize winners from the Doctoral Program in Art and Design (2017)

Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences Chairman’s Award

ZHUANG Yi 国際学術大会 AIC (Associate Internationale de la Couleur)での発表をはじめ、3編の論文が国際学会や国内学会誌に掲載され、高い評価を得た。

Award for Outstanding Research

ZHAO Lihua 論文「中国延辺朝鮮族自治州における伝統文化と民俗芸能の資源化」

TF Award for Excellence

KONAKA Daichi 講義「社会の多様な現場でのコミュニケーションを伴う造形表現活動《ゴブリンプロジェクト》の展開」

A view of the DC Exhibition venue (Tsukuba Museum of Art, Ibaraki)

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